No matter how gritty 2020 was, no matter how unbearable it has been, we are here — at the start of yet another new year. And even as the impact of the Covid-19 shows no signs of abating, we can still draw hope from the fact that we may have weathered the worst of the storm together. So let’s bring in 2021 together, with renewed hopes and courage to dream big and with a firm resolve to act on them – while maintaining social distancing. Here’s to new beginnings and a better tomorrow, we The Qknit present you with our January’s news bulletin.

Jan 10th: Chai Pe Charcha

The new year’s first Chai Pe Charcha on Zoom was about our concern over the Chem-Sex i.e. High Fun which are on the rise in LGBT+ group and it is affecting the health of people from the community. “Consuming” it has been linked with risky behaviour like unprotected sex or, well, worse. With the stories and information on such a deadly topic our Chai Pe Charcha online attendees shared their views on it without promoting it.

January 10th: Queer Katha

The new year has a new beginning for the LGBT+ community in Hyderabad as Mobbera Foundation, a city-based human rights and LGBT+ NGO held their first event of the year. ‘Queer Katha’, as they call it, explains it all. It was an event where people from the community could come and share their stories. It was an honour for us to have our film ‘Khwaaish’ screened at the event. We are truly thankful to Mobbera Foundation for letting us to be a part of such an inspiring event.

Jan 16th: National Youth Day
National Youth Day creates awareness and provides knowledge about the rights of people in India. The main objective behind this celebration is to make a better future of the country by motivating the youths and spreading the ideas of Swami Vivekanand. Thus, to celebrate National Youth Day an ‘Open Mic Evening’ was organised free of cost to all the artists out there at our Cafe Guftagu (Mira Road East). But due to Covid-19 and social distancing norms, we had limited seats available as a precautionary measure. The event got filled with music, poetry, story telling and stand up act. To all the artists who took out their time and joined us even in such difficult times, you all have shown the true spirit of being a Youth in 2021.

Jan 22nd: The Qknit partnered with SAATHII for an online Community Dialogue via Zoom
The LGBT+ community is already deprived of their basic moral and legal rights in our country. On top of that, banning them from donating blood is just humiliating. Revisiting India’s blood donation ban for MSM, gay, bi and trans-feminine persons – The Qknit partnered with SAATHII for an online Community Dialogue via Zoom. The discussion by community members and healthcare professionals put light on the stigma of blood donation ban.

Jan 30th: Saturday Movie Night!
Knock knock who’s there?
Saturday Movie Night!
This time we screened ‘Shehenaiiya’ by Debadrita Bose on Zoom. The movie was about a young man about to get married who comes to the city and misses the last train home. He meets a stranger who offers him shelter for the night. Through the night they come out to each other in different ways. Movie night with friends from the community is always perfect to refuel our soul and be grateful to be together.

You may not know what lies ahead, but you are still free to create and to act on hope and courage with the things you make. Let’s make 2021 journey as fun as the destination, together!

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